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About Us

Founded in 1969, Fugro Roadware is a multi-national company with over 45 years of experience in Infrastructure Asset Management Technology and Data Collection service.

Company Profile
Fugro Roadware has grown and emerged as the leading global supplier of customized roadway infrastructure data collection solution. Fugro Roadware is widely known and respected for its innovative and customer-driven Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) technology. First developed in the mid-1980s, the modular ARAN is a multifunctional vehicle used for road surface data collection. ARAN is currently employed by numerous transportation and infrastructure agencies around the world and its subsystems and software form the core of an integrated pavement management solution. 

Our mission is to provide transportation asset management systems, surveys and advice to maximize the impact of the maintenance and development decisions on the life and value of the asset while ensuring the safety of our employees and the safety of others.

Our Vision
To become the premier transportation asset management organization in the Americas by providing the most valuable transportation asset management information in real-time. 

Our Values
Honesty, integrity, transparency and respect for people and the environment. 

Our People
Our experienced staff is committed to provide you and your organization with world class customer service. Over 150 highly skilled engineers, programmers and technicians in two divisions, Products (equipment sales) and Data Services, (Turnkey Data Collection) work out of Fugro Roadware's regional offices and manufacturing centers in Austin, Texas; Mississauga, Ontario; Richmond, Virginia and Sacramento, California.

Fugro Roadware has remained at the forefront of the infrastructure and pavement management industry, providing its ARAN technology, with employing efficient and cost effective solutions in data collections. As the largest and most experienced collector of automated continuous pavement condition data, Fugro Roadware is well positioned to address the challenges of the future with the same commitment to innovation and service excellence that have been the hallmark of the company over the course of its first 45 years.

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