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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibilities

Fugro is aware of its role in the society, particularly in an international and multicultural environment, and understands the importance of paying continual attention to the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Fugro Roadware strives to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders in the company by balancing regard for the environment, social awareness and financial results. When managing its investments, the organisation considers the balance between improving the quality of its equipment and the issues of fuel use, emissions and cost management.

Management Approach
Fugro Roadware believes in equal opportunity and hiring more local staff, which enables the organisation to offer opportunities for training and education to its employees.

Fugro’s General Business Principles 
Fugro Roadware works on the principle that every employee shares responsibility for the company’s reputation. For all staff, this means that it is not enough to just do the right thing; things must also be done correctly. Management therefore requires all employees at all levels of the company to observe the Fugro Roadware’s  General Business Principles. These requirements determine the way in which Fugro Roadware’s staff treat each other, its customers and subcontractors, and anyone else who may be affected by its activities.

Fugro Roadware employees support the social values of reliability, integrity, openness, and respect for fellow employees and the environment. Application of these values in Fugro Roadware’s business conduct creates a sense of trust between the organization and its partners. These common values form the foundation of Fugro Roadware’s GBP, which applies to all operating companies and thus to all employees. All employees are expected to report any breach of the GBP or any suspicion thereof to the board of management or senior management and are required to avoid any personal activities or financial interests that may conflict with their responsibilities towards the company.

Business Partner Code  
Since 2009, Fugro Roadware has instituted the  Business Partner Code, which requires suppliers and subcontractors to comply with these rules of conduct. Fugro Roadware recognizes that the way it conducts business towards clients, partners and the environment has an impact on the organization's productivity and success.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy 
Fugro Roadware's Health, Safety and Environmental Policy documents our commitment to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all people at each location and to protect the environment in accordance with applicable laws and our HSE Policy. Our commitment is based on the conviction that accidents are preventable. In order to achieve this objective, we will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to as low as possible. Fugro Roadware has commitment to continual improvement and engages all staff to proactively identify Health and Safety risks arising from our activities to reduce them as low as is practicable. "Any act of violence or harassment committed by or against any individuals within this organization is unacceptable and will not be tolerated." 

Contributions to Society
Fugro Roadware is a proud supporter of YOURS - Youth Road Safety Program. YOURS believes in creating a world to protect children from dying or getting injured in traffic. To learn more, please visit  

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