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Federal HPMS Reporting

The reporting of Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data by each state usually follows a process that prioritizes timely and complete delivery of highway performance data to the FHWA. Often these priorities come at the expense of data quality. iVision provides states with a process to perform internal or independent quality conformance checks of pavement and roadside data along HPMS routes, that is neither time consuming or extensive in its training requirements.

A QC process that utilizes the functionality of iVision aids in the simplification and streamlining of this procedure for individuals in their review of all required data elements for HPMS reporting. The available functionality in iVision to facilitate this QC process includes the ability to filter results across interstates and respective routes that would be considered outliers. Also users can export pavement condition indicators and distresses, such as IRI, rut depth and wheel path cracking to formats such as Microsoft Excel. Multi-year comparisons of HPMS section data between current and previous delivery cycles can facilitate managers in identifying sections that improved or deteriorated above expected limits.