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Pavement Management

Monitoring the instantaneous and changing pavement condition according to its structural, functional and safety criteria is paramount to cost-effectively managing pavement assets. Agencies require the most current and accurate information on the performance of their pavement network in order to prescribe effective, preventative maintenance strategies. This facilitates pavement managers in their efforts to optimize the overall network condition (to defined criteria) for a set budget. The advanced pavement condition monitoring and analysis tools provided in iVision, such as pavement distress mapping, works hand-in-hand with Pavement Management Systems (PMS) to best coordinate where and when cost effective preventative maintenance, such as crack sealing and micro-surfacing, should be carried out.

Thematic mapping of pavement condition indicators such as pavement roughness (IRI) or pavement condition rating (PCR) facilitates the filtering of the best and worst pavement sections on a network level to user definable criteria and limits. Project level analysis can then be performed on desired section lengths using synchronized pavement images, transverse profiles, and pavement compositions, along with tabulated or graphical representations of pavement distress data.

Functionality currently exists within iVision for users to perform multi-year analysis of pavement performance at network and project levels. This highly valuable tool provides visual accomplishment of the rates of deterioration of distresses experienced by pavements, such as the growth of crack widths and lengths, with increasing axles or time. Coupling visual and condition data using a single, user-friendly interface sets a new technological standard for the pavement management industry.

iVision can also be paired with the clients' existing PMS system so that summarized pavement management sections can be analyzed in more detail with one click of a button within the existing interface. The link within the PMS system will take the user to the exact location in iVision to view all the data synchronized to the ROW and Pavement images for further investigation.