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Safety Management

There are many measurable roadway attributes that can contribute to the overall safety of the road environment for its drivers and the wider community. Each of the following measurable roadway attributes can be easily identified using iVision, providing agencies with an effective, one stop tool for road safety management:

  • Skid resistance and pavement surface texture properties, of which is of particular importance at locations approaching intersections and along low radius curvature.
  • Locating potholing and severe longitudinal or transverse pavement deformation (which can lead to water retention). These distresses are of particular importance along roads of high design speed and at locations of low horizontal/vertical curvatures.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment attributes of the roadway including the existence of non-intentional compound and transition curves, inadequate sight and stopping-sight distance (horizontal and vertical) and the existence of appropriate use of speed advisory/regulatory signage approaching route alignments that pose higher levels of risk for road users.
  • Signage and road marking retroreflectivity should exceed minimum standard requirements to ensure their conveying message is recognizable in changing weather and lighting conditions.
  • Adequacy of pavement crossfall and maximum grade, as well as their consistency with increasing chainage, to promote surface drainage and provide safe incline/decline for road users according to the road classification.
  • Adequacy of pavement lane widths, shoulders, medians and other cross-sectional features of the roadway.
  • Adequacy of the road shoulder to facilitate access for emergency vehicles and to provide safe stopping zones for motorists for applicable road classifications.     

Using iVision’s pavement and right-of-way imagery, thematic online mapping, user-definable tables and figures, and the application’s export functionality, asset managers are equipped with the latest functionality to have greater appreciation and transparency in their new approach to safety management.