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SCANNER is the UK specification for automated road condition surveys. Using survey vehicles such as the ARAN, SCANNER measures a range of road condition parameters including ride quality, rut depth, intensity of cracking, texture depth and edge condition.

The SCANNER survey was developed by the UK Roads Board to provide a consistent method of measuring the surface condition of road carriageways throughout the United Kingdom. The specification defines the technical requirements for the accreditation testing, survey parameters, and the quality assurance procedures that are required. These requirements are independently audited by TRL.

This survey is the required method for the collection of the data for city and county governments in the UK. Measurements from SCANNER accredited machines are used (following UKPMS requirements) to produce national performance indicators for road carriageways.

The SCANNER survey has become a particularly important part of the condition assessment toolkit, enabling agencies to determine and prioritize projects, and maximize the benefit of maintenance spend by undertaking projects at the optimum time.

Fugro can carry out surveys on your behalf with the SCANNER accredited ARAN.