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State of the Pavement

Reporting of network pavement condition statistics historically meant querying pavement condition databases to develop meaningful network and road classification summaries. This approach to reporting the State of the Pavement makes many assumptions and can often oversee many discrepancies in the data that can only be foreseen at the project or detailed level. Assessment of pavement condition using iVision utilizes many synchronized streams of data, imagery and online mapping available to the user to provide a holistic approach to querying network-level data.

The development of thematic maps whereby pavement distresses and performance indicators can be color-coded on a map for an entire state, county, town or highway section can prove highly useful when demonstrating the range of pavement performance encountered over a respective network. This visual representation of condition can be a compelling technique to convince non-technical stakeholders of the necessary needs for continual or increased maintenance funding.

iVision is a web-based reporting application, providing access to agencies, stakeholders and end-users who only require internet access to investigate the state of pavements that were collected as part of the condition survey.