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Autostrade S.p.A

September 16th, 2009

In 1985, Autostrade S.p.A. of Italy, the leading European Concessionaire for toll motorway construction and management, purchased an ARAN to provide road condition data for the maintenance program of its 3,413.5 km road network. A second ARAN was purchased in 1996, and the two ARANs were operated concurrently for a time before the decommissioning of the first. The client proceeded with the purchase of a third ARAN in 2005. Both Autostrade's second and third ARANs were configured with roughness, rutting, pavement and right-of-way imaging capabilities. Number three also received GPS, grade and POS LV, a step up from #2's Smart Geometrics subsystem. The client also has licenses of Fugro Roadware's Surveyor and WiseCrax applications, which can be used to perform asset extraction and distress rating with the data and images generated by these ARANs.

Having experienced that "two ARANs are better than one", Autostrade will be accepting delivery of their fourth ARAN in December 2009, which they will operate along side of their ARAN #3. As with their third ARAN, Autostrade has chosen the Mercedes Sprinter chassis for ARAN #4.

Fugro Roadware's goal is to partner with our clients in assisting to achieve their road management program objectives. As a result, we are understandably thrilled with Autostrade's loyalty to the ARAN brand! We couldn’t be happier with the confidence that Autostrade, and our many repeat clients, have demonstrated in Fugro Roadware, as we continually strive to earn and maintain their trust.

For more information about Autostrade, visit their website at www.autostrade.it.