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Maryland SHA

August 27th, 2007

Maryland State Highway Administration will join the ranks of repeat-purchase Roadware clients in the fall of 2007, when it takes delivery of its second ARAN. Maryland SHA received its first ARAN in 1995, and it has been used to collect over 125,000 miles of roadway data over the last twelve years.

Maryland's new ARAN, like their original, will be a fully featured vehicle, incorporating the latest data collection technology. The vehicle will be configured to collect data for pavement assessment as well as asset management purposes.

With respect to pavement assessment, the ARAN will be equipped with a 1 mm resolution line scan pavement imaging subsystem. The pavement imaging system employs dual line scan cameras, each with a resolution of 2000 pixels per scan, and two infrared lasers for lighting purposes. The system can capture cracks as small as 1 mm in width. Maryland will utilize Roadware's WiseCrax automated pavement distress software and D/V-Rate semi-automated pavement distress software for the analysis of the pavement video captured with the line scan system. The ARAN will also be equipped with the Laser SDP longitudinal profiling system for roughness measurement, and rutting data will be collected with the Laser XVP transverse profiling system. The Laser XVP reports 1,280 points across a 4 meter (13 ft.) lane, and uses scanning laser technology and Roadware's real-time and post-processing software to provide transverse profiling and crossfall measuring capabilities.

Additionally, Maryland's new ARAN will be a fully capable asset management tool. The vehicle's right-of-way video subsystem will consist of two HDTV cameras, each with resolutions of 1920 x 1080, and the forward facing camera will provide an impressive 90 degree field of view. Maryland can use Roadware’s Surveyor v 2.0 software with the HDTV images to create asset inventories of roadside features, and to take measurements of roadway dimensions. Georeferencing of data and images will be accomplished through differential GPS and POS LV positioning systems. The POS LV will also provide road geometry measurements.

Over a dozen of Roadware's clients have purchased a second, and even a third ARAN within the last few years. We are delighted that Maryland SHA has chosen the ARAN once again to meet its roadway pavement and asset management data collection requirements, now and for the next twelve years!