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NFLD Department of Works, Services & Transportation

November 28th, 2008

The Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Works, Services and Transportation has been operating an ARAN 4300 data collection vehicle since the fall of 2007. Roughness and rutting data are collected by the Laser SDP longitudinal profiling system and the Laser XVP transverse profiling system. The Laser XVP reports 1,280 points across a 4 meter (13 ft.) lane, and uses scanning laser technology and Fugro Roadware's real-time and post-processing software to provide transverse profiling and crossfall measuring capabilities. Georeferencing of the pavement data is achieved through differential GPS.

The Department purchased its ARAN with the intention of upgrading its systems in the future, as the collection of additional road inventory characteristics becomes necessary to achieve its infrastructure management objectives. The ARAN’s modular design, allowing the addition of virtually any ARAN subsystem, ensures that when the Department is ready to expand its road infrastructure management program, its ARAN will be up to the task.