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FHWA National Parks Service

August 30th, 2006

Roadware’s data processing operators will participate in a “virtual tour” of some of the most beautiful regions in the US, through their upcoming work on the FHWA National Parks Service (NPS) Road Inventory Program. The FHWA will collect data for 88 of the NPS parks with their own ARAN, and has awarded Roadware a contract to process and analyze the resulting data and images. A total of 6,100 miles of park roads will be surveyed from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida and every state in between.

This will be a three year project consisting of pavement distress and roughness analysis, roadway width measurements, roadway feature inventory, sign inventory, viewing software development and thumbnail video images. The TSR Group, an engineering consulting firm out of Golden, Colorado, has the responsibility for the park reports creation to FHWA specifications.

This is the second NPS project that Roadware has had the privilege of working on with the FHWA. From 2001-2003, Roadware conducted a data collection and processing survey for 77 NPS parks throughout 7 FHWA regions.