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Fugro Roadware Launches ARAN 9000 Surveying System


Mississauga, ON, June 23, 2010

Fugro Roadware has announced the launch of its new data capture system, ARAN 9000. Designed with the operator in mind, ARAN 9000 is one of the fastest and most reliable highway surveying systems on the market.

The solutions provided by Fugro Roadware are used around the world by highway and transportation agencies and businesses to accurately measure and characterize the subsurface and surface condition of their road network. Fugro Roadware data analysis allows for more efficient management and maintenance of the roadway networks.

Intelligent and intuitive, ARAN 9000 builds on the success of 15 years of the ARAN pedigree, Fugro’s widely used highway surveying system. It features an easy-to-use interface that includes system setup and calibration, mission management, data collection, processing and export tools. ARAN 9000 is a modular product by design and enables users to build a survey vehicle that meets their needs and budget. There are more than 90 ARANS annually collecting approximately 1,000,000 kilometers of data in more than 20 countries on five continents.

At the heart of the new ARAN platform is the ACS – the ARAN Control System. This is the nerve centre of the system ensuring all systems are precisely and accurately referenced to one another. This new system enables customers to take advantage of GIS road network definitions and eliminates the need to preload linear network definitions in tabular only formats.

“The ARAN 9000 is Fugro Roadware’s latest development. Earlier this year clients took first deliveries of the innovative portable ARAN RoadProfiler as well as the chassis independent ARAN 8000. “Fugro Roadware will continue to set the standards for others to follow and deliver valuable new innovations to our customers around the world” concluded its managing director, David Lowe.

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