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Fugro Roadware Awarded Pavement Management Contract with State of Virginia


Mississauga, ON, March 31, 2010

Over the course of the contract, Fugro Roadware will collect a variety of data for the State including faulting, rutting, roughness, forward perspective right-of-way and pavement digital imagery on more than 12,000 directional miles of interstate and primary concrete and asphalt highways and approximately 7,700 miles of asphalt secondary roads.

This is the second collection contract between Fugro Roadware and the Virginia Department of Transportation, building on the knowledge base created in the previous long-term data collection agreement.

This contract is a leading example of how Fugro Roadware has continuously evolved its services with what a State DOT needs to keep current on infrastructure data collection. In 2005, the original Virginia cycle, began with a small contract providing distress rating on Interstates. Then the primary roads and later secondary roads were added. Eventually, geometrics, and finally cataloguing the roadside assets were added. Throughout the entire process, Fugro Roadware produced quality results’ said David Lowe, Managing Director for Fugro Roadware.

The Field Data Collection provides the necessary high-resolution image and raw data inputs needed for subsequent data processing. Sensor Data and Digital Images are sent to the Fugro Roadware international processing headquarters in Mississauga Ontario.

The company will mobilize four of their proprietary Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) vehicles for the project term. The ARAN provides a mobile data collection platform capable of efficiently and accurately collecting infrastructure information, in a single pass, at highway speeds. The Roadware Management Studio (RMS) is an enterprise software solution which provides enhanced data flow throughout the project, with key modules for Linear Reference/Segmentation, Video Quality Analysis, Sensor Data Quality Analysis, and Distress Data Quality Analysis. The ARAN Sensor data collection equipment conforms to ASTM Designation E1656-06.

The State uses the data collection and subsequent reports generated by Fugro Roadware to identify and prioritize state-wide maintenance and operation needs based on the inventory and condition assessments. In 2008, VDOT maintained a network of 58,218 centerline miles or 125,756 lane miles of Interstate, Primary, Secondary, and Frontage roads, making it the third largest state maintained highway system in the United States.

Fugro Roadware has a pavement management industry experience which includes more than forty years of innovative materials research, pavement evaluation, life-cycle cost analysis and pavement management consulting. Fugro Roadware is a member of the Fugro group of companies with offices worldwide.

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