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ARAN Collection Software

The ARAN Collection Software (ACS) interface controls all ARAN sub subsystems independently to ensure maximum flexibility during testing. The ACS software provides step-through wizards for easy calibration, diagnostics to monitor system health and a collection screen with built-in mission management. These systems allow operators to perform daily verification that ensures every vehicle is always delivering optimum data accuracy and repeatability. The measurement system can display all necessary information using SI/metric units and the analysis tools are based on this system of measurement. All data collected by the ARAN is stored in a central onboard MS SQL Server architecture with a comprehensive back-up routine.

Some key features of the Roadware Collection Software are:

  • The ability to enter user-definable parameters such as filters as well as collection and reporting intervals (in either imperial or metric).
  • The ability to tag roadway collection events such as bridge crossings and pavement condition through the use of specially programmed key-boards. The events are searchable and can be located in the collected data after undertaking a measurement routine.
  • The ability to monitor vehicle speed and to notify the operator when traveling speed is outside of operating range.
  • Real-time graphical display of summary and detail data. This includes the display of routing information (including road, current location, starting point km, arrival point km).