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Vision Processing Software

Vision is an all-in-one desktop data processing and analysis suite that can export to any PMS or AMS system. With Vision, the user can browse and interact with all collected data in a synchronized environment. The collected data is stored in a central project SQL database and can be matched to the clients’ road network using both LRS and GPS references. Vision is automated and easily customizable.

With Vision, select the data you need in the format you need it in. Export to a simple CSV, Microsoft Excel, ESRI SHP or Google KML file, or to a wide variety of pavement management systems. Collected data can then be overlaid on background maps. With an internet connection, overlay the data over Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Streets Map as well as other mapping services.

Vision enables our clients to better collaborate with each other. A pavement engineer can analyze pavement condition and share it with asset management, materials or traffic teams. Vision also enables efficient management of network level data that will complement a road infrastructure management program seeking to improve pavement longevity and safety, while reducing the amount of money it takes to do so.

Features of the Standard and Professional Vision software include:

  • Map
  • Video
  • Pavement imaging
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Transverse profile view
  • Event creator
  • Import

Additional features in Vision Professional include:

  • Export
  • Segmenting
  • Distress rating
  • Event editing
  • Plug-in manager
  • Batch processing
  • Longitudinal profile
  • Roughness
  • Rutting
  • Routing importer
  • Data control
  • Report generator

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