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ARAN 7000- Portable Systems

The ARAN 7000 is the only portable, light- weight, hitch mount profiler that can accommodate up to nine sensors (point or line) for roughness, smoothness, texture and rutting. If your pavement analysis goals changes, the ARAN 7000 can be easily reconfigured to meet those goals. This high speed profiler, with stop- start-slow intelligent algorithms and portable flight case, enables you to collect accurate data at any speed, anywhere.

The ARAN 7000 also comes with: 

  • Synchronized data control system
  • Auto-start proximity sensor
  • Selcom point lasers
  • Real-time display of data (including IRI) 
  • Route planning software
  • Touchscreen operator interface capabilities
  • GPS (optional)
  • Laser safety interlocks (meets OSHA standards)

Download the ARAN 7000 brochure.

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