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ARAN 8000- Flexible Systems

As a fit-to customer vehicle solution, the ARAN 8000 builds on the portability of the ARAN RoadProfiler while maintaining the functionality of the fully featured ARAN 9000. The ARAN 8000 continues the legacy of integrity in the trusted brand.   

The modular ARAN 8000 offers the essentials for roadway data collection and because of its design, the system can be tailored to grow with the client’s future needs. The Fugro Roadware production team builds the components to the exact client vehicle specifications. As the clients requirements change, and their budgets allow, options may be added such as HD cameras and software used for asset inventory collection. Each ARAN option may be fully integrated into the system.  ARAN Control System software (including DMI and GPS) may also added.

  • All ARAN systems (optional).
  • All ARAN systems mounted to customer supplied chassis using Aluminum Extrusion racking system.
  • Portable equipment rack with shock mounting.
  • Typically the ARAN is built on-site at the customer’s facility.

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