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Geometrics, or Road Geometry, has long been associated with the safety of the road due to its direct effect on vehicle dynamics. Through the measurement of horizontal and vertical curvature, grade (longitudinal slope), and cross-fall (transverse slope), our clients are able to identify sections of the road network that may require additional safety measures.

Road geometry is difficult and time-consuming to measure using traditional survey techniques. As a result, highway safety teams often work with small datasets when attempting to correlate safety data to geometry data. Fugro's Smart Geometrics changes all that, making network-level geometry measurement entirely feasible. Smart Geometrics is our vehicle-mounted subsystem that utilizes a patented control algorithm and a combination of laser sensors, IMU, and software to measure the geometry of the roadway. The data from Smart Geometrics is analyzed by Vision's CurveFit module to determine the road curvature to a very high level of accuracy.

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