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Fugro’s DRIVE-MAP system delivers high precision, engineering grade measurement typically used for pre and post construction at the project level and more recently at the network level to measure precise bridge height and span, pavement width and side slopes. Through constant investments in LiDAR sensors, processing software, and production techniques, Fugro has remained a LiDAR mapping leader for more than a decade. This system can be used in conjunction with aerial LiDAR, such as Fugro’s FLI-MAP data collection.

FLI-MAP Fx LiDAR Mapping delivers high resolution, cost-effective point cloud data for use in engineering and design projects, infrastructure planning, and utilities management. FLI-MAP Fx achieves vertical accuracies sufficient for 1-foot contours while maintaining a competitive cost structure to meet stringent requirements for applications including watershed delineation, riparian studies, wind farm siting, pipeline and power transmissions. It can emit up to 250,000 pulses per second providing a LiDAR solution when higher point density and accuracy is required. FLI-MAP Fx also offers customers 3D colorized RGB point cloud data.

For additional information on FLI-MAP, please visit http://www.flimap.com/highway.

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