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Rutting and Transverse Profile

Laser XVP

The Laser Transverse Profiler (Laser XVP) is a vehicle mounted subsystem that uses dual scanning lasers to accurately measure the transverse profile of the road. Transverse profile is measured in order to calculate the depth of roadway rutting. By measuring the complete profile instead of just the ruts, the effect of vehicle wander on measured rut values is eliminated. The full lane width coverage of the Laser XVP also permits the measurement and reporting of shoulder/edge drop conditions.

Download the Laser XVP brochure.

Pave3D (LCMS)

Fugro’s Pave3D system creates a detailed 3D model of the road surface. This 3D technology allows for fully automated pavement condition assessment of both asphalt and concrete surfaces over 13 feet (4m) in width the day or night at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h). Cracking and other distresses are extracted from the 3D profile data. The system uses depth information for each crack to know for sure if the crack has depth compared to the road surface. This significantly reduces false positives, and greatly increases the reliability and repeatability of the automated detection results from the Pave3D system.

Pave3D delivers the highest resolution road surface transverse profile that can be attained on the market today. It utilizes its industry leading 4,000+ points of transverse resolution one point every 1mm (0.04") across a full lane width 4m (13 feet) to create a detailed transverse profile for rutting calculations. Pave3D has been field tested to accurately record rut depth measurements to within +- 1mm (0.04") as compared with precision straight edge rod and level surveys. The system conforms to all AASHTO and ASTM standards. Fugro’s algorithms allow the data to compare historically to rut bar or other laser scanning systems. This ensures that the historical data, which represents a significant investment for an organization, can be kept for future referencing.

Download the Pave3D brochure.

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