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Texture data is an important measure of drainage and friction (skid) resistance potential of a pavement's surface, which ultimately effects the safety of every commuter. The subsequent subsystems can easily be integrated onto the ARAN and collected at posted highway speeds.


Fugro’s Pave3D system creates a detailed 3D model of the road surface. This 3D technology allows for fully automated pavement condition assessment of both asphalt and concrete surfaces over 13 feet (4m) in width the day or night at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h).

Full lane width texture can be collected using the five AASHTO bands. The Pave3D sensor measures texture using standard mean profile depth (MPD) and a Digital Sand Patch Model (ASTM E965). The Digital Sand Patch Model is calculated using the Road Porosity Index (RPI). The RPI is defined as the volume of the voids in the road surface that would be occupied by the sand (from the sand patch method) divided by a surface area. The digital sand patch model allows texture to be evaluated continuously over the complete road surface instead of measuring only a single point inside a wheel path enabling accurate detection of raveling and bleeding.

Download the Pave3D brochure.

Smart Texture

The Smart Texture subsystem is a vehicle mounted module that utilizes high frequency (64 kHz) lasers to measure the mean profile depth (MPD) of road surface macrotexture. During data collection, the operator can review real-time texture data for quality control purposes. Once the data is in the office, Fugro Roadware's Vision processing software enables detailed analysis of texture profiles in addition to the ability to report the information to any pavement management application. The subsystem is capable of both day and night time operation. The benefit of using laser based texture data collection at highway speeds is the reduction in safety concerns and the savings in time and money in evaluation of areas of concern for friction. It is recommended to maintain texture data in conjunction with friction (skid) data as they both contribute to safety evaluations.

Download the Smart Texture brochure.

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