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Custom Software Development

Fugro Roadware can provide custom software development to meet project-specific processing, reporting, or integration requirements of clients. The Vision software has been designed with a plug-in framework that allows two types of custom processors to be developed; processor plug-ins and navigable plug-ins. These plug-ins are DLLs that are dropped into Vision's plug-ins folder, from where they are recognized and displayed to the user inside Vision.

Processor plug-ins are batch processors that read data streams from the Vision database, perform data transformations or calculations, and write the results back to the database as new data streams. These plug-ins expose pre-defined settings to Vision which can then be selected or modified by the user at run-time. Navigable plug-ins have a user interface which utilizes Vision's navigation framework to stay in sync with the other views in Vision. In this way a custom user interface or view on the data can be written. These two plug-in types provide tremendous flexibility to meet virtually any client requirement.

Clients or third-party developers can also build plug-ins for Vision. The plug-in framework makes it easier to implement custom code into your processing and analysis workflow. Please contact us to find out more.