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Pavement Research Services

Fugro has been a leader in pavement research for decades and is actively pursuing research projects to advance the state of the art and practice in pavement engineering and management. The diverse and knowledgeable researchers at Fugro have been contracted by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), Universities, State Highway Agencies (SHA) and Industry to address a wide range of pavement related topics. Fugro has conducted various research analyses including but not limited to:

Pavement Design

  • Determination of traffic information and data for pavement structural design and evaluation (NCHRP Project 1-37A)
  • Advanced Concrete Pavement Technology (ACPT) program – a status report on available products (FHWA-HIF-09-005)
  • Modular pavement technology (SHRP2 Project R05)
  • Precast concrete pavement design methodology (Caltrans Task Order 56A0315-003)

Materials Research

  • Guidelines for quality-related pay adjustment factors for pavements (NCHRP Project 10-79)
  • Quality characteristics and test methods for use in performance-related specifications of hot-mix asphalt pavements (NCHRP Project 09-15)
  • Beta testing and validation of HMA performance-related specifications (PRS) (NCHRP Project 09-22)
  • Use of reclaimed asphalt pavements in the Superpave mix design method (NCHRP Project 09-12)

Pavement Management

  • The Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program southern region support
  • Development and calibration of mechanistic-empirical flexible pavement performance prediction models for Montana (FHWA/MT-07-008/8158)
  • Non-destructive testing technology for quality control and acceptance of flexible pavement construction (NCHRP Project 10-65)
  • Relating ride quality and structural adequacy for pavement management decisions (FHWA-HRT-12-046)

Pavement Preservation

  • Management of Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP 2)
  • Preservation approaches for high traffic volume roadways (SHRP 2 Project R26)
  • Slurry surfacing and microsurfacing mix design (Caltrans Task Order 65A0151)

Forensic Investigations

  • Guide for conducting forensic investigations of highway pavements (NCHRP Project 01-49)
  • Study of water damage to pavement structures after hurricane Katrina (Louisiana DOTD)
  • Joint load transfer in concrete airfield pavements (IPRF-01-G-002-05-2)
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