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Aerial Mapping

Fugro transforms data from a wide range of aerial sensors into spatially accurate map products and GIS datasets. Combining the flexibility and accuracy of today's latest mapping technology with the speed and power of Pixel Factory™ processing, Fugro delivers robust surface models and orthorectified imagery in a fraction of the time required when using conventional mapping methods. Our imagery solutions support a wide range of applications including infrastructure planning, public works, agricultural monitoring, natural resource management and engineering, disaster response, property assessment, national security, and coastal resources management.

FLI-MAP400 is Fugro's latest member of its FLI-MAP family of LiDAR survey systems, combining all of the latest technical advancements in the fields of GPS positioning, laser scanning and digital imagery. FLI-MAP400 is a sophisticated survey tool to be used only in the right circumstances, similar to a total station or RTK GPS unit. FLI-MAP400 has the potential to offer significant savings in time and money, while providing accuracies comparable to those achieved with conventional surveys.

FLI-MAP 400 advantages:

  • High levels of accuracy and detail suitable, making the data suitable for engineering applications
  • Tremendous data volume
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Mapping of wider areas
  • No need for access on the ground
  • Safety of survey crews (road, rail corridors etc.)
  • Efficient data extraction (FLIP7 software) and delivery in formats directly useable to clients

For more information and a video, please visit http://www.flimap.com/highway and http://www.fugrogeospatial.com/services/aerial-imagery/.