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Corridor Mapping

Fugro operates multiple airborne LiDAR sensors to provide a full complement of solutions that meet customer needs for fast and accurate elevation data. Through constant improvements to our sensors, processing software, and production techniques, Fugro is a LiDAR mapping leader. Applications for our LiDAR mapping services include floodplain mapping, forest inventory, transportation and utility corridor mapping, land-use/land-cover classification, 3D urban modeling, and line-of-sight analysis, among others.

With unsurpassed LiDAR mapping capacity, Fugro owns and operates numerous LiDAR systems, from high-density to low-density, that can capture topographic LiDAR data. Completing large and small LiDAR mapping projects worldwide, we are skilled at tailoring cost-effective approaches, with data ranging from 200 m to 6,000 m, with vertical accuracies of +/- 9 cm to 40 cm. Following rigorous quality control standards, our LiDAR data acquisition and processing capacity enables us to deliver accurate LiDAR-derived products in a timely fashion for a wide range of projects.

Our LiDAR experts have designed customized production routines that include automated processing of LiDAR data to bare ground, automated 3D breaklines, and LiDAR-derived land-cover/land-use classifications for calculating roughness (also known as n-values) for hydrologic features. These proprietary LiDAR mapping techniques enable us to deliver more detailed and reliable information, faster.

For additional information and video, please visit http://www.flimap.com/highway.