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Highway Asset Inventory

Fugro Roadware has extensive experience collecting roadway assets and has extracted and delivered over 70 different asset types totaling 7.9 million unique assets over 383,000 miles of road for State DOT and municipal customers since 2008. Fugro Roadware’s Surveyor uses the calibrated geo-referenced images collected by the ARAN to capture, extract, measure, and store data on client's visible roadside assets. Surveyor can be used to meet client requirements to collect asset data including, but not limited to, number and length of lanes, lane types, surface areas, shoulder dimensions, shoulder type, school zones, drop inlets, fire hydrants, ramps, curbs and gutters, signs, signal poles, road markings, guard rails, barriers and fences, street lighting, drainage, pavement markings, sidewalks, bridges, and land speed limit.

Attributes for roadside assets include type, position (linear and GPS), basic condition, measurements and a picture of the asset. They are recorded quickly and efficiently using this application and are written in real time to a relational database from which reports can later be generated. Assets are geolocated and all attribute information (sign text, color, MUTCD Code, etc.) can be extracted for assets based on the right-of-way imagery. For example, the following information can be recorded for each sign where possible:

  • MUTCD category
  • Sign text
  • Support type
  • Side of road
  • Flashers present
  • GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude)
  • Additional comments such as special text or variations of the standard MUTCD sign face
Download the Asset Inventory Brochure