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Road Geometry

Smart Geometrics is a vehicle-mounted subsystem that utilizes a patented control algorithm and a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS), inertial measurement unit (IMU), and software to measure the crossfall, transverse profile, vertical alignment (grade) and horizontal alignment (curve radius) of the roadway.

The ARAN's geometric system allows for the measurement of the following geometric characteristics of the road:

  • Pitch (vehicle orientation with respect to x-axis) expressed in percent
  • Roll (vehicle orientation with respect to y-axis) expressed in percent
  • Grade expressed in percent
  • Degree and radius of curvature

These four vehicle specific, road geometry characteristics are viewable to the vehicle's operators in real time for quality control assurance. This information can then be used for determination of pavement characteristics such as curve radius (horizontal and vertical), crossfall and longitudinal slope (when these characteristics are combined with transverse profile measurements).