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Structural Capacity

Fugro has conducted deflection testing, using the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) or Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) devices, to evaluate pavement structural capacity for over 25 years. Fugro owns and operates five FWD units and one HWD unit that are fully calibrated annually and available both locally and internationally.

Typically, FWD devices are used for highways while HWD devices are used for airfield pavements where heavier loads are warranted to better simulate the actual condition. These devices measure the pavement deflection responses to a range of loads and efficiently identify pavement layers that could be structurally weak. The devices are currently used by both federal governments and state agencies to obtain structural capacity data for their roadway or airfield pavements.

Pavement structures can be analyzed using both distress surveying and deflection testing which allows for the following state-of-practice and informative analyses:

  • Layer moduli Back-calculations
  • Remaining life analyses
  • Load transfer computations for concrete pavement joints
  • Void analyses on concrete slabs

Download the Data Collection Support brochure.