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Drive your network. Never leave your desk.

Incorporate ARAN's video logging solutions into your pavement/asset management system and take advantage of significant cost savings and efficiencies while getting a complete view of your road network. Reduce the time, effort and expense required for field trips.

Produce a snapshot of conditions at the time of data collection for:

  • Ongoing assessment
  • Accidents and other legal matters
  • Right-of-way survey pre-assessments
  • Supply asset/signage verification

Correlate images with road condition data and geometry information and get the complete picture for efficient asset management and decision making. Deliver on demand access to images for anyone, from anywhere at any time. Access images via internet or burn them on a CD/DVD for full portability.

Configurations and Options

Fugro Roadware's ARAN platform offers a wide variety of right-of-way video logging options and configurations to suit every need and budget.

Right-of-Way Videolog:

  • Digital single or multi-camera configurations
  • 1380 x 1030 (high) or 1920 x 1080 (super) pixel resolution
  • Nominal image capture of 1/500th of a mile or better
  • Multiple full frame cameras provide a 130º panoramic view

Pavement View Videolog:

  • Dual high resolution downward facing digital camera configuration delivers full length and lane width (up to 14 ft. (4.27 m.)) roadway images in JPEG format
  • Suited for automated and semi-automated pavement distress rating